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Made from 100% organic ingredients, our beard balm will condition, revive and moisturise your beard whilst providing hold for styling, help make your beard look thicker and generally help with daily beard grooming.

A skin enriching formulation, the balm should be part of your beard grooming kit, it contains jojoba oil for softening and moisturising as well as sesame with carrot oil and camomile with olive oil to provide a gentle, nourishing daily treatment.

The addition of beeswax and cocoa butter will give you a light to medium hold, keeping stray hairs to a minimum whilst wheatgerm oil, rich in vitamin E will moisturise and help keep hair from drying out.

The balm has been delicately scented with a combination of luxurious sandalwood essential oil which has been paired with citrusy bergamot to create an aromatic but manly scent.